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Prices are correct as of 6th May 2024

Ear examination only£20 (one or both ears)

Ear examination & ear wax removal£70 (one or both ears)

Revisits £50 if returning within 12 months of last visit.  

Failure to attend: £20 payable before another appointment can be arranged (if Peter has not been notified).

Peter's normal availability is 8am to 8pm seven days a week.  Peter does not work on bank holidays.  Any home visits incur an extra call-out fee of £20 for addresses up to 30 miles from Eastham CH62.  For areas further afield the fee can be negotiated.  PETER DOES TAKE CALLS 7 DAYS A WEEK AND CHECKS EMAILS DAILY IF YOU WISH TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT.

Note, during an appointment if your ear wax cannot be removed because it is still too hard and impacted, another chargeable appointment may be required - and you will still be charged for the initial appointment.  

​Do apply olive oil drops or spray at least TWO to THREE times a day for at least FIVE days prior to the appointment.

Apply olive oil to BOTH ears regardless of whether you feel just one ear is the problem one!  


Payment is required at the time of the appointment.  Cash or card accepted, your preference.

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